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What is POS ?

Point of Sale

POS system allows a POS agent to control the physical outlet through a machine which manages the sales and transactions when a customer has made a purchase.

The POS has taken the e-commerce to a next level in a way that it has completely changed the scenario in which the business operations are executed.

It has replaced the traditional way of penning down the customer’s transaction details on a cash register resulting in faster processing of transactions and less manual labour.

We must have had encountered POS systems in places where we regularly visit like grocery stores, clothing outlets, restaurants, cafe etc.

Cut Down the Workload for the Sales Representative



  • Can easily login using the username and password.
  • Can view the categories, products and checkout panel.
  • Can view his account information, order details.


  • User can see all the orders.
  • User can print the order details.


  • User can change his account information.
  • User can change the password.
  • User can change the language and currency for the POS system.
Easy Search

Easy Search

  • User can easily search for products by entering the keywords.
  • User can search products using Product Name.
  • User can search products using Model.
  • User can search products using SKU.
  • User can search products using Barcode.

Custom Products

  • Custom product may be a service, a warranty or a product which is not in the inventory.
  • Custom product can be added just like a normal product.
  • Add the product name, cost and quantity.
  • Custom price may be changed by tapping on the price of the product in the cart.


  • The user can select the new customer.
  • User can select the already existing customer.

Discount and Coupons

  • User can give discount on the total amount of the cart.
  • User can give fixed discount for the products.
  • User can give percentage discount for the products.
  • User can apply coupon code, if any.


  • User can select the payment method.
  • User can accept payment for a particular order.
  • User can put the order on hold and process it later.

Admin Centric Features

Manage POS Users/POS Outlets

  • The admin can assign an outlet for each physical store that a user runs.
  • The admin can assign a sales agent to a POS outlet.
Manage POS Users/ User Groups

Inventory/Product Management

  • Admin can manage the product inventory for the POS outlet.
  • The inventories for the online store and physical store is managed separately.
  • The admin can choose to enable or disable any product.
Inventory/Product Management

POS Reports

  • Under POS reports, the admin can view the product and sales report details.
  • The product report includes model and quantity of product, suppliers name, the outlet to which a product is assigned.
  • The sales report includes the outlet and customer name, total amount of purchase made, order date, payment method, order status, and POS agent for the order.
POS Reports

Order Management

  • The admin can view or edit the order details of the POS outlet.
  • The POS order page includes details like Order ID, Transaction ID, Transaction ID with Online Order and Transaction ID with a Unique Number.
  • It also includes the Order Status, Total, Date Added, Date Modified and Action
Order Management

Supply Management

  • It includes a separate supplier and supplier product details.
  • The admin can set the details of the suppliers and manage them.
  • The admin will know when the product stock is low.
  • The admin can add new supplier.
  • The admin can also view the supply requests generated for a particular supplier.
Supply Management

Hardware Support


Create reciept at once.

Hardware Support

Card Reader

Quickly adds your product into POS cart


Connect to any device for display

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